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Ages 8-12

Next Session Dates and Times

2/8 Table Read - 11:00am-12:30pm
2/15 Rehearsal/Costume- 11:00am-1:00pm
2/22 Film Day- 11:00am-1:00pm
2/29 Film Day- 11:00am-5:00pm

After successfully launching our teen On Set Experience Program we are excited to announce our next installment!

Superhero Sitcom is another on camera performance program for ages 8-12. 


This is perfect for beginners or young professionals looking to gain experience, high resolution footage and IMDB credits!

Student actors in this program will work with industry professionals on an original script, help create their own costumes and learn about the filming process and set etiquette. 

The production fee for this program is $349.00 (per episode)


All ages

Boca Witches is for all skill/experience levels - kids and teens who have an interest in acting or seasoned professionals looking to build up their reel and resume!

Boca Witches, the original “On Set Experience” program, creating access and opportunity for kids and teens to star in a real TV show - from a guest star or supporting role in a single episode, to a recurring role as a series regular.  In addition to providing real on-set experience, the program includes:  

  • Weekly acting classes with industry professionals and acting coaches.
  • Mentoring from teen cast-mates who are working professionals in the biz.
  • VIP access and discounts to head shots from established industry photographers, acting workshops from leading casting directors and coaches
  • National and local PR / Social media promo opportunities

The production fee for this program is $499.00 (per episode)

Ages 13-18

Social Path is an On Set Experience opportunity for middle and high school students to cultivate their characters and craft for the professional acting arena. 

Actors will work with a small professional crew and this project will be filmed on a RED Dragon Cinema Camera (see examples below) to give the actors top quality footage
This Program Includes:
• 1 coaching day with Acting Coach Marc Durso
• 1 Rehearsal Day in studio with director and producers
• 2 Shoot Days On Location.

Actors Will receive:
• IMDb Credit
• Hi Res Digital Copy/Footage for Reel
• Training with Marc Durso from ActTrue
• Private Screening of Film
• Film Festival Recognition
• Online streaming distribution.

The production fee for this program is $399.00 (per episode)