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Welcome to Boca Witches!  
    To everyone on the ‘outside’, Boca Witches is an exciting new TV series coming soon to Amazon Prime.  However, for those in the know, it’s so much more! 

   You Create Academy founder, Dominic Giannetti, wanted to create an acting program that fused education with entertainment while providing opportunities for young actors to learn and grow on set and behind the scenes - something fresh, exciting, and something that’s never been done before... Dominic’s “On Set Experience” program was born and Boca Witches became the 1st brainchild of the concept. Boca Witches is also the first platform to launch the concept, bringing it to life as a TV series, and really, the first program of its kind around the U.S.  

    Boca Witches “On Set Experience” is the fastest growing acting program in the area. Currently kids, teens and adults, from South Miami to Palm City, are traveling to Boca Raton to participate. 

Email us to schedule an audition for the next episode 
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Official Boca Witches Trailer

What is Boca Witches?

   Boca Witches is an “On Set Experience” program, creating access and opportunity for kids and teens to star in a real TV show - from a guest star or supporting role in a single episode, to a recurring role as a series regular.  In addition to providing real on-set experience, the program includes:  

  • Weekly acting classes with industry professionals and acting coaches.
  • Mentoring from teen cast-mates who are working professionals in the biz.
  • VIP access and discounts to headshots from established industry           photographers, acting workshops from leading casting directors and coaches
  • National and local PR / Social media promo opportunities
(You Create was recently featured in a 5 min segment on NBC’s Today Show! The Palm Beach County Film/TV Commission write ups, Boca Tribune, People of Delray and more, have already started to buzz on Boca Witches and that’s all while the show is still in production. Can’t wait to see what’s brewing for us when the show premieres this Fall! )

Who is this for?

   Boca Witches is for all skill/experience levels - kids and teens who have an interest in acting or seasoned professionals looking to build up their reel and resume!  
Production Fee

   Actors production fee (much like local children’s theatre) covers expenses and costs required to make a show. 
ie: Store front overhead during rehearsals, distribution, advertising, equipment and material used on set, equipment rental, location fee, insurance, renting space for each episodes premier, and most importantly, editing

    Crew has decided to work for free in order to put every dime into the creation of the show. We kindly accept any and all donations as well as we're doing our best to give your kids and teens the best possible experience and make the best possible show we can.

   Any and all donations are a huge help!  Every penny donated goes directly into the production of Boca Witches. We barely had a budget for episode one and it shows!  Episode 3 is on a whole new level! 
   Our goal is to make the absolute best show we can make. We’re hoping to get better sound equipment or even have the ability to hire a sound operator. We appreciate any donation you’re able to make towards the show.  We are dedicated to making the best show we can to showcase your kids/teens talents. 

We are happy to say every penny donated goes directly to making this show better!
Who is Dominic Giannetti?

    Founder and creator, Dominic Giannetti has been in the film/television industry for 30 years. After working on almost every major film and tv show in South Florida during the “good times”, Dominic started heading to New York and Los Angeles to work. After deciding that traveling for work all the time was not as important as love and starting a family, Dominic decided to take some time away from the biz. As his 2 girls got a little older and started showing great talent promise and interest in entertainment, Dominic noticed a major void in South Florida. There was hardly any to no active films or tv shows for kids to work on

For years Dominic was asked by young filmmakers and actors if they should go to college/school before working in the industry. Dominic went to college and never finished. He started working on movies full time before he could graduate. However, he always saw the benefit of getting proper education for filmmaking and acting. But he also saw the huge advantage he gained from working on real sets and truly where he learned the most.  The “On Set Experience” program (enabling kids and teens the opportunity to attend on camera acting class and rehearsals while making a real TV Show on location!) is inspired and rooted in this fundamental understanding.  Current actors enrolled in Boca Witches all agree they’ve learned far more on Set than any workshop or class they’ve attended. 

Dominic is a huge supporter of proper education and training, but nothing bothers Dominic more than seeing parents spend hundreds or even thousands on workshops or classes with “Disney coaches” or fake agent promises. These scams are always around and the biggest waist of money.   Dominic also noticed the growing need for actors reels and video for actors online resumes. After several parents requested Dominic to create reels for their kids/teens, he decided to do something about it. But as a father of 2 young  dancing actresses, he knows all too well how the cost of all the tools and training can add up. So it would need to be far less expensive than all these “reel services” out there, and the quality and execution couldn’t look anything like their final product - a made up scene that looks exactly like it sounds.  It has to be nothing short of awesome.

Now kids and teens have the opportunity to act, learn and Star in an exciting new TV Series!